Our vision

We want to help people in different fields in one place.

Today's world brings higher demands on the human body and our body cannot defend itself. We are in a hurry, we work too much, we do too much sports and we cannot relax, we do not regenerate very much, we do little relaxation. This is the 21st century and brings many health risks and problems. 

Our motivation is YOU, we want to take care of your health and beauty, teach you to relax, improve your sports performance and help you on your way to a better lifestyle than we are today. 

That is why we have created a unique Center where you can find many services that connect with each other in the areas of health, eating, movement, beauty and relaxation. 

Everybody who wants to participate in their self-realization, whether physical or mental, will find a place here!

Who we are...

FyzioCentrum Hanžlová is a non-state medical facility providing comprehensive care to people in the area of ​​health, relaxation and movement. Physiotherapy practice has been in operation since 2014, which in 2017 expanded to a private clinic that offers many services related to a healthy lifestyle. Our team consists of experts with experience in their field and the main priority is the quality of work. Waiting for you a pleasant, modern environment with professionals who approach each client individually

We are ready to tune you into physical and mental well-being!

Why just to us

Rehabilitation is not like rehabilitation.

  1. In our Center you will find a modern environment providing high comfort
  2. We are a private facility, which allows us to choose any and most effective type of therapy according to the individual needs of the client

  3. We are not bound by any general rules that would limit or degrade the quality of our care

  4. Always qualified staff specialized in a specific area of ​​body care

  5. We pride ourselves on timely care and individual approach

  6. We accommodate clients and minimize waiting times

  7. Acute cases are accepted within 24 - 48 hours

  8. Thanks to the "First Aid Physiotherapy" we are able to treat you acutely within 24 hours even outside the office hours

  9. We only have state-of-the-art equipment

  10. We maintain above-standard services and strive to constantly improve our work

  11. We are constantly educating and improving our field

  12. We participate in professional educational events focused on modern techniques and methods of our time

  13. We follow current interdisciplinary events and broaden our horizon at a professional level


Responses from satisfied clients

Květa Pelerová

client pedicure

"Krásné prostředí, neustále nové poznatky, zlepšování péče a nejvíce se mi líbí ruční masáž nohou a Oliver's feet masáž."

Štěpánka Nosková

client physiotherapy

„Profesionální přístup a příjemné prostředí. Velká spokojenost. Těším se na další návštěvu.

Klára Vyletová

client physiotherapy

"Báječný naprosto individuální přístup, vřelost, vstřícnost, krásné prostředí."


client nutritional therapy

„Pokud hledáte výživového poradce se službou all inclusive, tak Verča je to pravé. Recepty, rady a kontinuální poradenství, které je 100% funkční.

Start taking care of yourself


We cooperate and organize seminars and workshops for:

Sports teams